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Which is the best mode to play poker?

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People have come down to their smartphones to play different online games. Everyone searches for convenience these days. But for the game of poker, it is always important to use the best mode. Now the question is – computer or mobile, which is the best mode to play poker? When you sit to play agen idn, you need to have good concentration as this game requires your attention and time. Even before you understand this game’s rules, you need to have a good connection to access the poker sites.

Computer or mobile – which is a better option?

Many websites provide their users with a download option where they can download the application on mobile. 99onlinePoker – an online poker website widely famous in Indonesia and is the most trusted poker website available, provallows user to download their applmobile applicationt the question continues – which mode is better? Both of them have their pros and cons –

  • A phone is easy to handle and lets the users handle the situations easily. Whereas, on a PC, you cannot do that. But a computer guarantees comfort and improves the level of experience.
  • PC improves the sound quality, storage capacity, picture quality, and many other performative premises are improved on a computer than on the mobile.
  • On a computer, you can also look into better graphics and the best quality view.
  • If the parts of the PC are out, you have an option to change them. Whereas on a mobile, you cannot certainly do that. The only option provided by mobile is upgrading the system or device.

The points mentioned above tell us about how a computer dominates the mobile, and it is always better to use a better and good version of a computer while playing poker. Yes, a PC cannot be taken from one place to another like a mobile, but if you want to play your game well and win a good amount of money, it is necessary to keep your game good, and you should stay focused. 


Both mobile and computer have their own set of pros and cons. One can choose the device they want to play their game, but it is always advisable to use a PC. This is because it gives all the extra benefits, and additional entertainment is attained only if you play your game on the PC. Many sites give an option to download their application on the mobile, but this is because they have to go with the demand and think about the users’ convenience. That’s the reason for creating applications for the mobile is what every poker website is doing.

But as the differences are already mentioned, if you are new to this field, then strictly stick to the use of PC while playing the game. You are a new player, and you would rather not take risks while playing your game. People with good control over this game can use mobiles because they know their moves and tricks. 

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