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Nine Tips for playing online poker

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Poker Online

We know that the Poker can be considered as a real discipline . In addition to knowing the rules of the game must also follow the precautions in order to escape from unpleasant surprises and afford to live the beauty of poker, whether you play poker live online poker.

Advice there will be an infinite , yet you list it among the nine who I consider the most important :

1. Salute.

That is, if you are not physically fit , do not play . Rather than refer to when you feel ready . As with all things , when you do not conoscoono the rules and principles of the game, you can easily create a state of anxiety. For this reason, so read quietly all the rules , practice with play money and start playing for real money when you feel comfortable tea itself.

2 . Competitors .

It ‘a good habit to know who you ‘re dealing with. In live poker might seem easy to know who you got to do … even if it is not exactly so in the case of strangers. In online poker rooms, not being able to physically see your competitors , you may want to follow the first few games to see attitudes and behaviors. If you are clever and you have talent , you should be able to distinguish novices from the veterans of poker.

3 . Poker room to choose from.

The advice for you is quite simple. It ‘ a fact that online poker rooms are frequented regularly by experienced players .

In addition to this , when you connect , try to stay in an environment ( room) where there are no distractions and where you feel completely at ease. Letting you concentrate and do not commit errors due to distraction.

4 . Rules .

I may appear ripetitoso , but only when you play the rules very clear in my head. Play game ( especially with real money) when you have all the basic knowledge .

5 . Playing with real money.

If you really want to learn , it’s okay to play with fake money but remember that only grow up playing with real money. It is a fact that when you play with real money , the concentration skyrockets and you start to really learn from their mistakes . Just playing with real money, you will become an expert.

6 . Unpredictability.

The password would be to never give certainty to competitors. In live poker this is hard for beginners (.. but also for the good ) , as experienced players can see any expression on your face … and do what you carpiscono enough for him to win. In online poker , however , as mentioned in step 2, follow the games of the competitors need to know , but the opposite is also true , and that is there will be players who follow your moves … and then ? And then when you play, play seriously .

7 … is at stake.

Before participating in a table, you have to see One moment which is at stake , in the sense that , if you see that you are in the game for thee digits are exorbitant , I would say not to participate. Rather participates in tables where the stakes are “normal” , ie make them feel at ease. The point is that if you decide to bet a high figure , the figure could be regarded as ” small change ” by the adversary who then could not correctly interpret your bet .

8 . Bluffing ..

The bluff is the fundamental skill of a poker player , however, is a professional skill , so if you are starting out rather try to concentarvi on the behavior of others.

9 . Nerves in place.

Who loses control in Poker meeting will go to other losses if not control his nerves.

When you lose a game , rather try to figure out where you are wrong . There is something more useful than learning from mistakes .

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