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Texas Holdem Poker Strategy

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Just Keep your nerve !

Our advice: do not lose your head ! When you sit down at the table , quietly observes the opponents and try to understand their playing technique . When it’s your turn , take all the time you need! In our poker school , you can find everything you need to start playing, from the tutorial to the glossary of poker and the explanation of the hands. Follow the instructions and watch the other players’ moves .

Make a game plan and stick to it!

The more you know , the more confident you’ll be . In a short time you will be able to understand the other players’ moves like a pro. In all likelihood , be able even to anticipate them !

The best tips to win Poker

Rules of Conduct poker


Ask ! Poker players are generally helpful, polite and personable .

Calculate your chance of winning.

The maths and you ‘ll win !

Follow your instincts . If you feel that you lose , you probably are !

Think before you act . If you have time to reflect, then use it.

Understand and learn the three basic rules: the starting cards are fundamentals, position play and the ability to switch .


Do not play poker when you are upset , tired or angry! Poker requires a sharp mind.

Do not try to bluff on the first hand . Perhaps in the end you will find to be bluffed .

Do not play every hand. Learn to pass at the right time !

The three basic principles for Hold’em

1. Learn the importance of your starting hand

The two pocket cards (or cards) are what separates your hand from those of other players. Learn how to play these cards will be the key to your success. For example , a combination AA ( ace-ace ) has a greater chance of winning than a 7-3 combination . Play if you have good cards , passes if the cards are bad .

2. Discover the benefits of your position at the table

Sitting in last place is a big advantage because opponents must reveal their hand before you. Exploits this advantage , if you have the chance! A good starting hand in an early position can be worse than a bad hand in late position .

3. Remember: you can MOVE !

No matter the betting round, if you have nothing at the start and you can not hope for a hand Swallow your pride and go !

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